Beautiful Simplicity

One of the things we love making the favors is that we take a premium food product and by combining it with simple materials (Glass, Paper, Twine) and a lot of love, we get a beautiful result.

Favors are a “tool” for people to express their gratitude, their sincere thank you, their love for their family and friends. People are joining their happiness to celebrate a day to remember. A day where love is all that matters. We use this love to make our favors. We are not professionals. We are thank you makers, we want our favors to give joy and to express feelings. That is why our greatest ingredient is love. Love that can transform a simple material into a magnificent gift.

A small example of what we call beautiful simplicity is our Olympus design. 150 of those lovely favors left Greece today to join the happiness of a happy couple in the USA and we love to share them with you.

You can find them at:

Olympus with Cork


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