Handmade & Personalized Business Gifts


Choosing a gift for your clients and/or business stakeholders can be a challenging task. Clients are incredibly important part of a business and a business gift must be unique and thoughtful. A thoughtful gift is a way to show your appreciation to your clients and it elevates your relationship.

Bellow you can see our latest Business Gift project. A totally handmade and fully personalized Rosemary Infused EVOO Favor with hanging tag and its own gift packaging.

For the favor, we decided to go with our most selling design. We used Rosemary Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a 60ml / 2oz capacity bottle closing with a cork and covered with a clear cork cover for maximum security from leakage.


The shape of the tag is a copy from a vintage liqueur bottle and the text of the tag is personalized to each recipient.

The gift box is handmade from a 300gsm recycled paper. On two of the box sides, there are two windows in order for the favors to be visible without opening the box. Windows can be shaped according to the customer wishes (hearts, stars, squares etc). On the other two sides, we have placed the logo of the client’s company. If you look closely you will notice the logo is not printed but cut through the paper.


Are you searching for something different to offer to your clients or your company’s stakeholders? Do you want a special gift for your Wedding Party, Bridal Shower or Baby Shower guests? Search no more! You found the place to transform your imagination into a real life magnificent gift! Just send us a message.

A unique gourmet flavor gift totally handmade and personalized.

Greek EVOO & Italian Balsamic Vinegar, a harmony connection

I could write a number of paragraphs just to describe the feeling a creator has when a customer gives her/him the opportunity to create something new. I decided to let the pictures talk instead of me. Just one thing I want to write.

Katerina and Severino thank you very much for the opportunity you gave us ♥  ♥  ♥

You can find them at: http://etsy.me/2b7FMPd

1. Rosemary Infused Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2. Rosemary Infused Greek EVOO & Italian Balsamic Vinegar


3. Adhesive Name Label (front side)


4. Adhesive Name Label (back side)

5. Ribbon Tag (front side)

6. Ribbon Tag Bow (Back Side)

7. Complete Favor in pounch (front side)

8. Complete Favor in pounch (back side)

The “Making of” video

“Bride to bee” Honey Wedding Favors or when lace meets honey!

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Usually an adventure starts with a simple word, something like “Let’s go” or “Shall we?”. This is how our new adventure started. Well not quite in that order.

We were ready to go to sleep when my phone rang. Etsy app message system has a very distinct sound and I don’t know how but after months of hearing this sound I think I have developed a sixth sense of understanding when the message is, let’s say more interesting than others. I think it is ringing a little more “happy” than the rest of the times. Strange you might say but it’s true.

Anyway, the message was, from a wonderful lady asking us if we could prepare and delivered 100 favors of our beautiful “Bride to Bee” Honey Favor design by Nov 16th to the USA. I know it may sounds easy but believe me it’s not. Having no trust at all to the courier services since we are talking about large boxes and not envelopes we had to prepare and send the package as soon as possible. I have discussed it with Sotiria and my last sentence was “Shall we?” and we did.

You can find them at: http://etsy.me/2bKoGbf

Bellow it’s the result of our effort. We feel really proud about the result of our work and we feel confident that Elese will love them too :-)

Beautiful Simplicity

One of the things we love making the favors is that we take a premium food product and by combining it with simple materials (Glass, Paper, Twine) and a lot of love, we get a beautiful result.

Favors are a “tool” for people to express their gratitude, their sincere thank you, their love for their family and friends. People are joining their happiness to celebrate a day to remember. A day where love is all that matters. We use this love to make our favors. We are not professionals. We are thank you makers, we want our favors to give joy and to express feelings. That is why our greatest ingredient is love. Love that can transform a simple material into a magnificent gift.

A small example of what we call beautiful simplicity is our Olympus design. 150 of those lovely favors left Greece today to join the happiness of a happy couple in the USA and we love to share them with you.

You can find them at: http://etsy.me/2b35iYW

Olympus with Cork

Express Delivery! Another order completed successfully!

Making an infused Olive Oil favor takes time. Not only because it’s something that we do very carefully but also because infusion is a time-consuming task. For example, rosemary infusion takes at least 4-5 days (as long as we have a sunny weather). Counter to what many people believe, Rosemary and herbs in general need to be completely dry before you put them into the bottle. Even the slightest humidity can be the cause of growing bacteria inside the bottle destroying the Olive Oil and we don’t want that, correct?

For that reason, if you check our listings you will notice that we are clearly stating that we need at least 5 to 10 days (depending on the order quantity) in order to prepare a custom order. Of course, this restriction has been the reason of losing some potential sales in the past but we prefer, to be frank with our customers than jeopardize their happiness and their guest’s health.

Last Thursday we have come across a similar situation. A very polite and sweet customer asked us if we could prepare 75 “Favorite” Olive Oil favors infused with Rosemary and have them delivered in the UK in 15 days. Despite the fact that the delivery estimation for the UK is around 5 to 7 working days you can’t be absolutely sure about the delivery schedules and when your work has to do with a wedding you cannot say “I am sorry but it was not our fault” even if it wasn’t. Wedding day it’s a wonderful day for the couple. A happy day and they want to share it with their families and friends. A mistake on your side can spoil this magic day and when you undertake a wedding favor order you have to be sure that you are going to fulfill it on time.

Taking all the above into consideration we explained to our polite customer that the time schedule was too tight and it would be impossible have the favors ready on time. Nevertheless, we gave our customer a potential solution. Replace the Rosemary infusion with our special hot infusion mix. Hot Chili Pepper + Cayenne Pepper + Garlic Flakes. This way we would save the 4-5 days that we needed for the Rosemary dry process and by working double time during the weekend we would be able to ship her order either on Monday or on Tuesday. She agreed with our plan and with her full collaboration we managed to have the order ready on time.

You can find them at:

25ml / 0.85oz > http://etsy.me/2eJ6lfy
60ml / 2oz > http://etsy.me/2bqjTOS
70ml / 2.4oz> http://etsy.me/2frcb4T

Bellow you can see some pictures of the making process and the final result.

a) Custom Tags based on our customer desire. Text and Tag Shape is being selected by the customer.

b) Filling the bottles with the spices.

c) 75 Bottles ready to be filling with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

d) The final result. Our “Favorite” Olive Oil Favor

By buying an Organic food product you are helping Feed the World Sustainably

Most of us, we buy Organic food products because we are thinking about ourselves. Our main purpose is our health and the health of our loved ones. But do you know that by buying an Organic food product you are helping to feed the world sustainably?

According to a study by Dr. John Reganold (Professor of Soil Science and Agroecology at Washington State University) and the doctoral candidate Jonathan Wachter, published as the cover story for the February issue of the journal “Nature Plants”, Organic Agriculture is key to helping feed the world sustainably. This research is actually the first to compare Organic & Conventional agriculture across the four goals of sustainability identified by the National Academy of Sciences: productivity, economics, environment, and social wellbeing.

Bellow you can find a link of review of this research that Dr. John Reganold posted at the blog of “Union of Concerned Scientists” site. I believe you should read it. This way you are going to feel better every time you buy and Organic food product, because you will know that you are not only taking care yourself but you are helping others also.

Source: ucsusa blog