“Bride to bee” Honey Wedding Favors or when lace meets honey!

Usually an adventure starts with a simple word, something like “Let’s go” or “Shall we?”. This is how our new adventure started. Well not quite in that order.

We were ready to go to sleep when my phone rang. Etsy app message system has a very distinct sound and I don’t know how but after months of hearing this sound I think I have developed a sixth sense of understanding when the message is, let’s say more interesting than others. I think it is ringing a little more “happy” than the rest of the times. Strange you might say but it’s true.

Anyway, the message was, from a wonderful lady asking us if we could prepare and delivered 100 favors of our beautiful “Bride to Bee” Honey Favor design by Nov 16th to the USA. I know it may sounds easy but believe me it’s not. Having no trust at all to the courier services since we are talking about large boxes and not envelopes we had to prepare and send the package as soon as possible. I have discussed it with Sotiria and my last sentence was “Shall we?” and we did.

You can find them at: http://etsy.me/2bKoGbf

Bellow it’s the result of our effort. We feel really proud about the result of our work and we feel confident that Elese will love them too :-)


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