By buying an Organic food product you are helping Feed the World Sustainably

Most of us, we buy Organic food products because we are thinking about ourselves. Our main purpose is our health and the health of our loved ones. But do you know that by buying an Organic food product you are helping to feed the world sustainably?

According to a study by Dr. John Reganold (Professor of Soil Science and Agroecology at Washington State University) and the doctoral candidate Jonathan Wachter, published as the cover story for the February issue of the journal “Nature Plants”, Organic Agriculture is key to helping feed the world sustainably. This research is actually the first to compare Organic & Conventional agriculture across the four goals of sustainability identified by the National Academy of Sciences: productivity, economics, environment, and social wellbeing.

Bellow you can find a link of review of this research that Dr. John Reganold posted at the blog of “Union of Concerned Scientists” site. I believe you should read it. This way you are going to feel better every time you buy and Organic food product, because you will know that you are not only taking care yourself but you are helping others also.

Source: ucsusa blog


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