Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Hello friends!!!

Today I am going to tell you about a magician. A chocolate magician! Have you ever seen the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory??? Do you remember Willy Wonka? I have news for you. Willy Wonka exists (in a way).

Her friends know her as Tea, but I call her in many different names, depending on how I feel every time I see a new creation of her. My most popular are “Choco Magician”, “ChocoHeaven” “Choco Mia” and “Slurp”.

Unlike Willy Wonka, she is not closed in a large chocolate factory but she lives in Milan, Italy and besides her lovely website (, you can find her wonderful creations on Instagram (@teascake). If you like chocolate and sweets in general, then this is your Chocolate factory. A place every child (regardless of the age) wants to be!!!

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