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Making an infused Olive Oil favor takes time. Not only because it’s something that we do very carefully but also because infusion is a time-consuming task. For example, rosemary infusion takes at least 4-5 days (as long as we have a sunny weather). Counter to what many people believe, Rosemary and herbs in general need to be completely dry before you put them into the bottle. Even the slightest humidity can be the cause of growing bacteria inside the bottle destroying the Olive Oil and we don’t want that, correct?

For that reason, if you check our listings you will notice that we are clearly stating that we need at least 5 to 10 days (depending on the order quantity) in order to prepare a custom order. Of course, this restriction has been the reason of losing some potential sales in the past but we prefer, to be frank with our customers than jeopardize their happiness and their guest’s health.

Last Thursday we have come across a similar situation. A very polite and sweet customer asked us if we could prepare 75 “Favorite” Olive Oil favors infused with Rosemary and have them delivered in the UK in 15 days. Despite the fact that the delivery estimation for the UK is around 5 to 7 working days you can’t be absolutely sure about the delivery schedules and when your work has to do with a wedding you cannot say “I am sorry but it was not our fault” even if it wasn’t. Wedding day it’s a wonderful day for the couple. A happy day and they want to share it with their families and friends. A mistake on your side can spoil this magic day and when you undertake a wedding favor order you have to be sure that you are going to fulfill it on time.

Taking all the above into consideration we explained to our polite customer that the time schedule was too tight and it would be impossible have the favors ready on time. Nevertheless, we gave our customer a potential solution. Replace the Rosemary infusion with our special hot infusion mix. Hot Chili Pepper + Cayenne Pepper + Garlic Flakes. This way we would save the 4-5 days that we needed for the Rosemary dry process and by working double time during the weekend we would be able to ship her order either on Monday or on Tuesday. She agreed with our plan and with her full collaboration we managed to have the order ready on time.

You can find them at:

25ml / 0.85oz >
60ml / 2oz >
70ml / 2.4oz>

Bellow you can see some pictures of the making process and the final result.

a) Custom Tags based on our customer desire. Text and Tag Shape is being selected by the customer.

b) Filling the bottles with the spices.

c) 75 Bottles ready to be filling with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

d) The final result. Our “Favorite” Olive Oil Favor


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