Greek EVOO & Italian Balsamic Vinegar, a harmony connection

I could write a number of paragraphs just to describe the feeling a creator has when a customer gives her/him the opportunity to create something new. I decided to let the pictures talk instead of me. Just one thing I want to write.

Katerina and Severino thank you very much for the opportunity you gave us ♥  ♥  ♥

You can find them at:

1. Rosemary Infused Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2. Rosemary Infused Greek EVOO & Italian Balsamic Vinegar


3. Adhesive Name Label (front side)


4. Adhesive Name Label (back side)

5. Ribbon Tag (front side)

6. Ribbon Tag Bow (Back Side)

7. Complete Favor in pounch (front side)

8. Complete Favor in pounch (back side)

The “Making of” video


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