Honey & Cinnamon weight loss tea

Honey & Cinnamon weight loss tea

Are you already regretting you didn’t start dieting earlier? Maybe if you did, you could wear that rather expensive and bold swimsuit that drew your attention last week at the shopping mall. Or maybe you could wear that tight, white backless dress you bought last year. What about your holidays? Are you ready?

I know. I feel the same. Summer is already here and you have not managed to get rid of the extra pounds gained during winter. Do you feel remorse? Are you promising yourself that you will be more prudent next summer?

Do not despair! It is not too late. How;

Just follow a simple, balanced diet and try the perfect slimming tea recipe that follows:

– ¼ tea spoon of Organic Ceylon cinnamon*

– A half of Organic Ceylon cinnamon* bark stick

– 1 tea spoon of Organic honey

– Juice of half a fresh lemon

Boil a cup of water. Put it in a cup and add the ¼ tea spoon of Organic Ceylon cinnamon and the Organic Ceylon cinnamon* bark stick. Cover the cup and let it steep for half hour. As soon as it has cooled, stir the tea spoon of Organic honey.

For best results enjoy a cup of cinnamon tea twice a day, before breakfast and about 1/2 hour before you go to bed. Cinnamon has been shown to help control blood sugar/insulin levels, which contributes to weight management.

Do not reheat the tea if you have mixed the honey. Heating your tea will destroy the nutrients in the honey.

About the ingredients

Use only Ceylon cinnamon. Try to find organic, but be careful. There is only one real cinnamon. The Ceylon cinnamon. To understand the difference and the dangers that exist with the common cinnamon that we buy from shops, I suggest you to google it. We are using Cosmoveda but I am sure if you search you will find other producers also.

Our Organic honey is Greek. It is a raw unprocessed organic honey from Central Peloponnesus and soon we will introduce it to you with a fully dedicate article and give you the opportunity to buy it from our shops.

Until then enjoy your tea and think organic ;-)


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