Product Description

Our Olive Oil Favors are “Made to Order” and completely Handmade to Perfection & Customer Satisfaction. For our Olive Oil Favours, we use only Premium quality Organic or non-organic Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil infused by your favorite herb creating a unique gourmet flavor!

Are you searching for something different to offer to your Wedding Party, Bridal Shower or Baby Shower guests?

Search no more! You found the place to transform your imagination into a real-life magnificent gift!

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Listing Details

What is included in the price:
1. 25ml Olive Oil Bottles with cork & clear cork cover
2. Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Organic or Non-Organic, Depending on your choice during checkout)
3. Infusion & Decoration (Depending on your choice during checkout)
4. Twine to be tied around the bottleneck
5. Sticker Label (Design to be agreed upon order)
6. Sterilization of bottles
7. Decoration work
8. Packaging

What is not included in the price:
1. Import taxes (Applicable for non-EU customers)


Tags or Labels Customization

All tags/labels are customized based on your desire. Right after the order placement, we will contact you, asking you to inform us the text you want the tag/label to have. As soon as we receive your reply, we will prepare and send you some digital draft of the tag/label with different designs of your text and shape (if possible) for your review and approval. In case you want any amendments, we will proceed with the changes and we will resend it to you for review and approval.
Tags/Labels customization it is already included in the listing price.



25ml (0.85oz) Bottles
High Quality Glass Bottle with cork
Height: 70mm / 2.75’’
Diameter: 30mm / 1.2’’
Bottle Volume: 25ml / 0.85oz


Do you need a different capacity? No problem! Check the links below:

25ml / 0.85oz >
60ml / 2oz >
70ml / 2.4oz>

Do you need a different quantity? No problem! Check the links below:

25 Favors >
50 Favors >
75 Favors >
100 Favors >
125 Favors >
150 Favors >
175 Favors >
200 Favors >

If you cannot find the quantity you need don’t worry :-) Just send us a message with the quantity you need!


The design is the one shown in the listing pictures. Tag or label message and shape will be agreed upon order. If you want a different type of Tag or Label from the one shown in the pictures please send us a message before your order.

Other Materials

Upon request, we can add to the design fabric, charms etc. Please do not hesitate to ask us to add them to your design. Extra charges may occur depending on your selections.


The whole procedure is made by hand and with extremely high hygiene precautions. The bottles are washed thoroughly by hand and then are pasteurized in the over at 120 degrees Celsius or 250 degrees Fahrenheit.


The bottles are packed separately with protective bubbles in order to guaranty the safe delivery of the favors.


All the above-suggested materials can change upon your request. As we have already mentioned, your satisfaction is our main goal. So, if you want a different bottle or a different type or texture of fabrics and ribbon/twine or you want us to add a new element in the decoration, do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to inform you as soon as possible about the availability and the price. We are open to any idea you may have.


The availability of the materials can be confirmed only after the order has been placed. In situations in which the materials are unavailable, we inform you and you can either decide to choose another material or cancel the order.

Processing Time

Usually, it takes us 5 to 12 working days (depending on the order quantity) to prepare the order. All orders are custom made and the processing time starts after the payment of the order.

Shipping Time

The shipping time has an estimated delivery is 6-10 working days to Europe and 12-25 to non-EU countries.


Prices can change without notice before the placement & payment of the order.


Would you like to see all our designs? Visit our Showcase Portfolio at the following link:

We have tried to make our listing as detailed as possible in order to answer any questions you may have. In case you feel that you need further information, please do not hesitate to ask. Your satisfaction is our main goal.

Favors as seen on “50 Inspired Bridal Shower Favors”



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